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Change Management by one of the first 88 worldwide recognized CCMP Certified Change Management Practitioners.

Europe Conference of ACMP Global

Chantal Claes is a speaker during the European Conference of ACMP Global (Association of Change Manager Practitioners) on September 16 to 18.

Our "Sister act" - change management in motion - watch the movieSister ActSister Act

We have a 2 hour "sister act" during which we present the main principles of individual change and the most effective change management rules. In between we are demonstrating these principles and rules with an exercise with the public. Interested in organisating an event with our sister act? Contact us!

These are the places where we already performed or either planned our sister act:

October 17, 2015: KVIV in Waterloo (Dutch)
Do you conduct your change as a jockey or a cowboy?

December 11, 2014: 3W in Vilvoorde (English)

Do you conduct your change as a jockey or a cowboy?

December 2, 2014: USG Professionals in Antwerp (English)

About jockey’s and race horses, about communication and behavioral change: 10 beliefs and misconceptions about change.

Methodically leading a change process

What is methodically leading a change process?
Leading a change process through the creation and implementation of roles, processes and instruments that any of these groups use to effectively manage the people side of change.

An organisation changes as fast as its people change, isn't it?

Read more about the methodology

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