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You are the very first one who was able to give me an answer to the question what the content of a change plan is! RIZIV

Importance of the difference between being an expert ourselves and the role of the 'Chief' who communicates about a change which has an impact in the organization. This was in the first phase an important message to provide to het various boards. Good communication is possible, even though the application still "in the phase of development".

We also believe that the approach she used will serve as interesting paths for future projects.

A motivated person who is very intelligent and adapts fast to the organisation. I can see a big value added, she is a courages person on who one can count.

Federal Justice Department

Methodically leading a change process

What is methodically leading a change process?
Leading a change process through the creation and implementation of roles, processes and instruments that any of these groups use to effectively manage the people side of change.

An organisation changes as fast as its people change, isn't it?

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