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Chantal Claes

Chantal Claes

Chantal has conducted and guided several change processes as a change manager, business analyst, process analyst and project manager. She has extensive experience in private companies and government organizations.  She is a no-nonsense hands-on change management expert and a driving force of change and improvement processes who will use her passion and charisma to encourage your organization to start moving. (see certificates) (see references). 

Erna Claes

Erna Claes

Erna Claes is a doctor in psychology and expert trainer – consultant. Her approach is based on principles from cognitive behavioural sciences, social psychology and motivational interviewing. Her practical experience with these principles in various sectors has led her to establish a program for executives to understand and guide individual behavioural change in the context of an organizational change. 

Methodically leading a change process

What is methodically leading a change process?
Leading a change process through the creation and implementation of roles, processes and instruments that any of these groups use to effectively manage the people side of change.

An organisation changes as fast as its people change, isn't it?

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