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Change Management by one of the first 88 worldwide recognized CCMP Certified Change Management Practitioners.

Change Management for project managers


Taking change management along “with the rest”, is a well-known phenomenon for you?

Then you will discover that change management techniques can help you and our change management tools will bring you insights that are very useful.

You are already familiar with project planning, implementing and following up. However, requesting project managers to apply change management is a change in how they manage projects.

You know all the principles of "managing scope" and "managing expectations". Those will all come in handy because the same principles are used as change management techniques to manage a change management process.



You are experiencing resistance from different angles? The insights that you are going to acquire on how people change and the change management techniques that you will learn and apply with us, will help you prevent and manage resistance. Take a look at the program

Methodically leading a change process

What is methodically leading a change process?
Leading a change process through the creation and implementation of roles, processes and instruments that any of these groups use to effectively manage the people side of change.

An organisation changes as fast as its people change, isn't it?

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