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Change Management by one of the first 88 worldwide recognized CCMP Certified Change Management Practitioners.

ACMKC (Alma Change Management Knowledge Center)

The ACMKC, in the person of Eugene Valentine, developed a methodology for effectively managing change processes based on the following principles and values:

  • A total ' blueprint 'to provide form and content in a methdological way to a change process from beginning to end. Easily applicable templates and templates in support of different analyses.
  • A multi-functional methodology applicable in various formats to different target groups can be delivered either through an open training or in in-company training;
  • A methodology that meets contemporary insights and requirements and is based on different worldwide investigations in Best-Practices supported Change management and new insights and knowledge resulting from experience and needs. In scientific sense, the following criteria apply: reliability, legitimacy and validity.
  • The ACMKC training courses use the profile of CEO and Project manager/Change manager, as a basis for the professional profile, education profile and competency profile (end values) within the attainment targets for a certification on BA/MBA level. The AMBA criteria and Dublin descriptors are tightly followed as directives and checkpoints.
  • The courses are certified and accredited by an approved Institute.
  • The ACMKC training courses are intended to provide a direct return in managing a particular end result or purpose.
  • The ACMKC training courses are updated (upgrading) every year by using training practice and other insights (investigations) to trends and options
  • The ACMKC portfolio is under the supervision of a Quality Center (part of Sci Experts BV).

A portion of the ideas is technically described in several accreditations for the masters blocks (Change management and Leadership) of training programs: Master of Finance and Control (MFC); Master of Project management (PM); Master Information Management (MIM); Master in General Management (MGM) and Master Entrepreneurship and Innovation (May). Eugene is also a core teacher for the listed (master blocks) at various Business schools.

Eugene has received permission of the Executive Board of Professionals AVANS + Improving diploma/certificate to support the ACMKC training programme (also for in-company training) with a formal accreditation (Dutch/Flemish accreditation organisation "NVAO" – this also higher education registry maintenance in Flanders).

The ACMKC diploma/Certificate has a similar value to credits (credits) for which within the AVANS + masters programs a partial exemption may be granted for the masters blocks change management/management and Leadership. This recognition and support provides a strong foundation for Eugenes programs to become CEDEO (CPION) certified.

In the second half of 2014 the CPION procedure was initiated.
Subsequently, the University of Entrepreneurship (through the IASP in Malaga, Spain) issued a recognition and authority to Eugene (2003) for developing senior management training programs in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Science and Technology.

The ACMP (Association For Change Management Professionals) recently deposited the certification requirements of a Change management program to obtain the recognised title Change Management Professional (CMP). During the establishment of the ACMKC programs, Eugene has taken these into account at an early stage. As a result Eugene Valentine ACMKC programs already fulfil the necessary requirements and conditions set by the ACMP. After consideration with the distributors and the ACMKC Quality Center, it will be decided to start an official procedure for recognition by the ACMP.


"I dare to say that I succedded and that, at this moment, there is no comparable methodology in the Benelux in Dutch is provided by anyone. This methodology is very balanced and very detailed. The ACMKC method is a very unique and complete methodology. There is no second! "
Dixit Eugene Valentine

Methodically leading a change process

What is methodically leading a change process?
Leading a change process through the creation and implementation of roles, processes and instruments that any of these groups use to effectively manage the people side of change.

An organisation changes as fast as its people change, isn't it?

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