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Developing Change Management Leadership competencies in your organisation! How does it work?

You want to become a certified change manager?

Make Change Management visable and measurable with our methodology.

Develop change management leadership competences in your organisation

Management and employees learn how changes work and how they can lead changes successfully. More...

Jockey or cowboy

Be in charge of change

Certification tracks for change managers

Succesfully leading change is competency you acquire with us by doing it and experiencing it. More...


Be in charge of change

Coaching for change managers

Continuous improvement by coaching and sparring with change management experts. More...

Action change


Getting Things Done

If it is about change management, business analysis, processanalysis, process re-engineering ... the bottom line is the same: getting things done. More...

What our customers say

  • About Erna Claes

    “Great possibility to exchange experiences and discuss familiar situations", "Lots of useful suggestions and examples", "Fascinating and lively performance by a leady who knows what she is talking about"!
  • About Chantal Claes

    "You are the very first one who was able to give me an answer to the question what the content of a change plan is!" "A motivated person who is very intelligent and adapts fast to the organisation." "I can see a big value added, she is a courageous person you can count on."

Besides our on-going change management consultancy proactice, we also provide certificied change management training tracks. On this webside you will find all information about our training courses and our trainers.


Experience you can trust

Derigo, Change & Project Management since 2000

Fenrir Consult, People & Project Management since 2004

Modern Business approach

Not only about the "what" and the "how" but also about the impact on "that it happens" to support the success of a change process.

Best in Class Trainers

With Chantal and Erna as trainers, you have the 2 "best in class" consultants who are passionate about sharing their experience with you.

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Methodically leading a change process

What is methodically leading a change process?
Leading a change process through the creation and implementation of roles, processes and instruments that any of these groups use to effectively manage the people side of change.

An organisation changes as fast as its people change, isn't it?

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